Welcome to a destination management company that enables you to create unique experiences for corporate businesses and private travelers in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, and Russia. Welcome to Borealis Destination Management.

Let us arrange your clients’ conferences on the top of a mountain in Norway, where the northern lights will illuminate subtle aspects of the discussion. Let us take them to the old palaces of St. Petersburg where walls whispering historic tales will expand their understanding of today’s world. Or let us welcome them to Wonderful Copenhagen during their cruise and show them around a city where fairy tales are carved in stone and part of the present, making them want to come back next year. Whatever the occasion, we will find the right solution. Let us handpick the best Nordic landscapes and sights that suit your client’s particular needs. From a wide palette of atmospheric offerings such as palaces, fjords, mountains, and medieval towns preserved in modern capitals, we arrange to give corporate events the most inspiring backdrops and allow the Nordic, Baltic and Russian scenery and cities to take center stage on imaginative sightseeing tours.